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How long do you go
Just out of curiosity, unless his contract states that he gets to pick his location, why would they give a shit if Phillips "wants" to play third? Basically, when they want to bring up Albies, you tell Phillips third or bench, your choice.

As far as Markakis goes, I'm pretty sure it was the first move made, wasn't it? He's being payed appropriately for his production. Move him if the return is great or if a younger player is knocking down the door. Keep him if not. Simple truth of the matter to me is that the bench already sucks. Moving a starter without a replacement makes it worse.

I'm all for trading Markakis, and he should absolutely be the first outfielder to go, but the bench needs fixed first, and I'm not willing to trade the starting RF to make the bench better unless the return is at least two fair to decent bench bats.

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(04-20-2017, 06:14 PM)rtrafford Wrote: Like 67 with Nick, followed by 68?  Followed by still older mediocrity added to the mix?  Heck, we're only a decade or so from 500 at this rate. Terrific plan.

I think this dude lurks around here. Kind of funny this was posted today.
(04-21-2017, 08:27 PM)bama_braves_fan Wrote: I think this dude lurks around here. Kind of funny this was posted today.

The problem isn't Nick. It's what has been around him in the roster. Nick was brought here to do what he has done, and that thought was that Nick would do enough to help keep us from being brutally horrible while the club was completely rebuilt. 

It's not Nick's fault that the plan was very poorly executed.

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