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Baseball Sim League
I know you guys prefer OOTP, but I have a Baseball Mogul league that has a few openings. The league has been around since 2010 and is finishing up our 50th season! So, yeah, by now we're WAY in the future and while there's no more real players, it's fun building legacies with players you draft and develop from the ground up!

A few other things...
1. We use Baseball Mogul 2014 v16.16 (we have a link in the forum for the patch).

2. Know that our forum and league chat is set to private. We've had issues with spam/bots/trolls in the past. Any admin or mod will certainly assist you in gaining access.

3. Sims: Sun, Tue, and Thu Nights. We sim half a month at a time. In September we sim 10 days at a time, for a total of 13 sims per season.

4. We have a live draft on the forum. Stay as long or little as you'd like. Either way, we'll be manually selecting all 6 rounds!

5. One of my favorite features of the league is our Free Agent Compensation. It's sort of a hybrid of the current MLB Compensation system and the old, Type A and Type B system. It encourages teams to let players go to Free Agency like I've never seen before in Mogul leagues.

As I look through our GM History, I count 20 current members who have been with FCM for over a year! Many have been with FCM for multiple, multiple years. This league has a great core, is chugging along at just as an impressive rate as we were back in 2012, and has no signs of letting up anytime soon!
You created an account for this?
Hey, I played with him on Mogul!

Im still in that league :-) Kind of an old thread to resurrect, especially with a new account lol
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(04-25-2017, 08:24 AM)msubrave Wrote: You created an account for this?

He's hardcore.

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